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【Journey through Longzhen】
2020 年 3 月 24 日
A Journey Through Long Plowing | The Matchmaking of Old Mountain Line Railway Bicycle Fengfeng Leisure Business Co., Ltd.
2020 年 4 月 8 日

[4/8 Golden Town, the first digital workshop copywriting]
Turn left~Turn right~
Remember to turn around and look here
We invited a heavyweight tutor: Teacher Chen Yongjie, come and talk to us
In the huge crowd of people and in the big world of the Internet, how can leisure agriculture be differentiated from others?
Sex, and then will also provide tips to promote rural tourism.

👉[Date]: 2020/04/08 (Wed)
👉[Time]: 13:00~16:00
👉[Location]: Chuanlong Geng Academy
👉[Online Registration]:

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