Observation of Industry-Academic Observation of the Professional Food and Catering Department of Educational Workers
2020 年 11 月 26 日
Many people have a weak impression of the mansion and don’t know what special products are available~
In fact, the mansion has three treasures, namely red dates, blessed vegetables and taro.
😋👩🏻‍🌾#Mansion Sambo
Gongguan Shiqiang Village grows a large area of ​​red dates, and it is #the only one in Taiwan. The red dates produced are sweet, crisp and sweet, much like eating dates. You will have the opportunity to taste fresh red dates in the production season.
The mansion is an important agricultural specialty in Taiwan. After winter, you can see the unique pastoral scenery of drying blessed vegetables, picking taro and red dates. Mustard greens can be eaten fresh, but they are used to make sauerkraut, blessed vegetables and dried plums for long-term storage in Hakka villages. 👍🏻
From November to February every year, farmers can see taro harvesting. The taro produced in the mansion is dense and meticulous, and the taste is excellent.
Some farms are open to the public to experience taro pulling, and also provide DIY taro balls and taro cheese;

💡It is recommended that you buy special agricultural products at the production area, and you can also visit the surrounding attractions! 🎒✈️