Observation of Industry-Academic Observation of the Professional Food and Catering Department of Educational Workers

Jiji Town Office & Jiji Leisure Agriculture District Visit Day
2020 年 11 月 25 日
#Mansion Sambo
2021 年 2 月 23 日

Today, the professional food and catering department of Yuci Workers went to the Golden Town Rest Area to observe the production and education. First, go to Chuhuangkeng to learn about the history of the oil mine.

Then head to Tianfu Farm’s principal Zeng to experience lemon fruit picking, and then to Haokefang to visit the local farmer direct sales station.

After lunch at the Stonewall Activity Center, a professional mustard teacher, Hao Zige, will introduce the mustard industry and the DIY experience of crowded vegetables.

Later, Principal Zeng Hongwen and Qiu Xinhe led the students to the first floor of Shiqiang Village to guide the local humanities and history.

Thank you for your dedication to the rest area. It is great to have you.

可能是 5 人、大家站著和外套的圖像

可能是 2 人、大家坐著、大家站著和外套的圖像