One night “making” wealth x 100 possibilities of online marketing

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2020 年 5 月 12 日
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2020 年 5 月 18 日

[5/20 Golden Town 4th Digital Workshop Copywriting]
One night “making” rich x 100 possibilities of online marketing💵💶💷

In the era of one-handed manpower, a mobile economy is derived. When you have a brain full of creative marketing, how to create the energy and image of word-of-mouth marketing through visual collision, so that “group fights” are no longer alone, and your orders continue to flow in

Both Google and Yahoo provide free search, but do you know how to make good use of their free tools to expose your products? How to create your own traffic and platform on your own
Let us welcome Teacher Liao Zonghui from Wushuang Design International Co., Ltd.
Bring a night of “making” rich internet secrets~

👉[Date]: 2020/05/20 (Wed)
👉[Time]: 13:00~16:00
👉[Location]: Chuanlong Geng Academy
👉[Online Registration]:

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